Star Barriers

For a fast and convenient solution at mobile checkpoints and a temporary barrier at crime scenes, the STAR Barrier provides an alternate solution to time-consuming concertina wire and simple traffic cones as a traffic barrier. Each STAR is equipped with three steel spikes engineered to stop a threat vehicle and is attached to other STARs using cabling. Stringing multiple STARs together forms an effective blockade at varying lengths to channel traffic through checkpoints. Avoid the hassle of ineffective road cones or complicated concertina wire.

The lightweight and compact storage of the STAR Barrier makes it ideal for a fast checkpoint setup. When not in use, each STAR folds into a compact, uniform assembly for storage in its own case. Setup and breakdown of the STAR Barrier are achieved in just four steps and do not require special training or certification to deploy, like concertina wire.

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I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate the efforts of you and your team in assisting with our security posture throughout the week of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the procurement of the fence product itself, to the set up and take down, your staff was professional every step of the way. Our folks and others had nothing but positive things to say about the appearance and functionality of the product. Please ensure your team and leadership receive this as this has been a wonderful partnership that we hope to continue with. Thank you to you and your team again.

As the former Construction Manager for the Front Gate (MILCON) project at Parris Island, SC, it is my pleasure to provide my input regarding the construction of this project. In my view, you and your team, brought unmatched qualities that ensured the successful completion of the Front Gate project. Honesty, diligence, knowledge, competence, reliability, experience, commitment, and professionalism are only some of them. However, the most impressive quality I observed was simply 'wanting to provide a great product'. It was that 'attitude' that helped overcome a wide array challenges in a timely manner. The successful completion of the Front Gate project is a great testament that, with the right people, a project can be done right, in time, and within budget.

Global GRAB is a powerful and strong defense company. The team is extremely helpful and operates a great facility.

The GRAB Barriers were selected because they were considered by the Provost Marshal’s Office to be the only Non-Lethal barrier that met or exceeded every State, Federal, and Army Standard for stopping a specific “Threat Vehicle” and with less risk to drivers and occupants.